Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Public Tomb

Well, I was not going to go caching today. But the weather was nice. The sun was shining. The caches were beckoning. Resistance was futile.

I called a friend and convinced her to come with me. We selected two caches on one page, and would hide a cache on the next page.

First stop was a typical covered bridge cache. Fast and easy find. Sylvia found herself a pair of cute fishy sun glasses.

The second stop was less succesful, another covered bridge, but cache was nowhere to be found. There was a lot of traffic on this bridge though and the time was getting later and later. So after a while we decided to switch to cache hiding mode.

We had selected a small town on the right map page, having NO idea what would be there. We hoped to find a nice monument or an interesting spot or anything which would warrant a cache placement.

We were in luck! We found a public tomb from 1850 with an old cemetery behind it. Some graves from the revolutionary war. The perfect place for people to visit and get a sense of history. This cache will go well with the Grave Cache Kate hid last week.


Irene said...

The bridge looks like the ones in "Bridges over Madison County".
I didn't know these kind of bridges still existed!!

Irene (GGM)

txmommy said...

it is soooo beautiful where you live.