Friday, January 19, 2007


Today, a friend called me and asked whether I wanted to go caching. I had lots of reasons to say no, planning wise, so I said yes ^^. It was great to be out in the crisp air. We found two caches, and we hid one. I want to do the Vermont Delorme Challenge, meaning I have to find or hide a cache on every page of the Vermont Gazetteer. Three down now, 34? to go. I hope to be out on a whole caching day tomorrow, hit a lot more of the pages.

Such beautiful views. Even after living here for all these years, those mountains still give me the feeling of being on vacation.


Annelies said...

Weet je dat ik dat in de lente ook steeds heb? Dat vakantiegevoel? Als ik dan tussen de bloeiende tulpenvelden fiets verwonder ik me nog steeds over de prachtige omgeving waar ik woon. Maar ik woon dan ook ergens waar het bijna niet Hollandser kan, met tulpen, molens en knotwilgen-langs-slootjes, waar boeren nog op klompen lopen.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful scenery Karen. I can see why you never get tired of looking at that.

Your aquariam pictures were great too. Looks like everybody had a wonderful time once they warmed up:-)

ma said...

Yup it sure is beautiful! That cache sounds neat.

I also enjoyed the aquarium pics. lol I enjoy all your pics. I know, I know, I should post more of my own :-)