Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Day at The Aquarium

Long, but fun day.

This is what it looks like if you get nine kids out of bed early to go on a road trip.

Long, but pretty drive through an ice covered world

Finding the Aquarium wasn't hard, finding parking was. The most obvious parking garage had one of those hanging things, showing 'no cars over 6' 6". I drove into it and immediately hit the hanging thing. So much for that convenient garage. Considered emptying the tires and trying again, but decided against it.

So we drove in larger and larger circles and rejected more and more garages. Did I mention how I hate driving in Boston? Did I mention how every single taxi driver in my vicinity hated me driving in Boston too? Did I mention we left our Boston map at home?

Eventually, we found a garage where we fit, if we all ducked at the same time, and realized that the other garage most likely didn't fit because of the ice, not because of the car size. But hey, a ten minutes walk wouldn't be too bad, right?

First we had to show off what country bumpkins we are by spending 20 minutes in the revolving door... We also scared at least one person out of sharing the elevator with us...

The ten minutes walk was horrible. It was soooooooooooooooooo much colder than it looked and everyone was freezing. I gave up my sweater to one of the kids, because he was so cold. I was cursing at myself for not just using the first garage and hoping for the best. Freeze and learn.

After an eternity, we arrived at the Aquarium, where we did not go to the penguins, or the jellyfish, or the sharks. No, our first stop was the cafetaria to get hot chocolate milk for all. Finally we stopped shivering.

The aquarium is just wonderful.

So many things to see.

So many animals to admire

The penguins are always so much fun

Some animals were a bit more scary than the penguins:

The kids were VERY impressed with this seventy-years old giant turtle

We witnessed one of the feeding times of the penguins

They keep track of how much every single penguin eats, it was fascinating to watch.

Enough for one post, so many fun things in only half a day.


harri saptadi said...

... 9 kinderen.
+ karenina en zanders?

Mosaica said...

It looks so fun! Can you go again today, this time with me?


txmommy said...

wow! the jellies are awesome.
Sorry about the walk, I hate to be cold.