Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday, I spent the day driving through Vermont, finding more map pages. We drove up to Middlebury, VT, very beautiful, and very flat compared to the rest of Vermont. We found a bunch of fun caches, got five more map pages out of the way. I have 17 done now, only 20 pages to go! Almost halfway there.

One cache was a virtual, where we had to figure out a date at the top of a HUGE rock with the Lord's prayer engraved in it. Sounded very easy till we found the rock...

Um... too much snow and ice. We cleared off some to check whether we had the right rock, and then googled to get the right date. We posted pics to the cache page to prove that we were there ^^

Today, I decided to pick up a special geocoin from one of my local caches. The geocoins are like travel bugs, fun coins which move from cache to cache. The fun bonus with geocoins is that they give you a cool icon next to your user profile, in the list of trackables you have found. This particular one would give me an icon of a mug full of beer. Tell me, who would be able to resist a geocoin like that???

I had been watching that beer coin for a few weeks already, wondering whether anyone would get it. I thought it would be bad form to run out there and get it the moment it got dropped.

But today, my patience was over. The sun was shining, I didn't have enough time to work on my Delorme challenge. But I did have enough time to hike up to this cache and do a coin switcheroo.

I thought the coordinates would be in my GPS, but they weren't. That's ok, I am sure I can recognize where I hid it. Um... Can I?

After hours of checking every possible hiding spot, I caved in and called my caching sister mosaica. 'Um... would you mind looking up the coordinates to my very own cache???? Yes, the one I hid less than a year ago???' When she stopped laughing, she started looking up the coordinates. I was idling and looking around and guess what was next to my feet... Yes! the cache!

I am soooo not going to tell this to anyone, this is just too embarrassing to live down.

On the way down, I was annoyed at myself for not bringing a sled, those trails would be beautiful sledding. I decided to let my inner 9yo come out and slid anyway, on the steep parts, it was so much fun!

Good leg news, the hike was about a mile and I didn't even feel my leg till the last tenth of a mile. Not bad.

Even better leg news. Tonight, at aikido, I finally took falls again! This was the first time since I broke my leg. Not bad at all!

This is one of the geocoins I am talking about, not the one I found , but one I got from a friend. It is going to be sent out into the caching universe soon. They are fun to keep track of, see where they go. We have travel bugs all over the place now, including one in Australia, and one in Germany. Fun way to learn about geography :)


Anonymous said...

Although I'm not into geocashing I love your photos and your stories. :)

Anonymous said...

:-)I got up late today and didn't have time to look at your blog as I usually do. That's why I missed this one......oh, I sticked the butterfly I got in today's geocaching on my window. It looks nice....