Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Tent

Or actually an old tent.

Years ago, the girls desperately wanted a ladybug tent (they had seen an overpriced one in a catalogue). I ended up buying some fabric and making one. They were thrilled, but at some point, the newness wore off and they got uninterested in it. I put it away in the basement, figuring I would take it out again a few months later.

Well, you have seen my basement pics, what more can I say. Let's just fast forward years and years and years.

Yes, I found it again and saved it for the winter, thinking it would be a great cabin fever reliever. Of course, me being me, I put it up the day before our beautiful spring day, but the kids still had lots of fun with it. I am sure it will be used more if we ever get snow again. Here are some old pictures from when I just had put it together.

I found an old email in which I told my friend about it:

Well, here it is!!!

I started it after we came back from karate and it turned out really well. We glued on the spots, but I think I will go over them with the sewing machine tonight too, not sure how well the glue will hold, some of them did fell off, although I hope it will be better when the glue is drier.

The kids played 'being eaten by the ladybug and then being pooped out by it'..... Tara had a lady bug birth, she was the lady bug baby. Got into a fight with Tim who had wanted to be the lady bug baby.....

The fabric is real nice, it is fleece, red on one side, black on the other, very soft. The spots and the eyes are felt.

I was wrong about it being cheaper than the catalog one, but it is really cute!!! And much nicer of course!!!


Anonymous said...

That is excellent craft work there! Looks like the girls are having fun.

chris said...

I remember when you made that! It is really cool, and I am sure much more durable than if you had bought the overpriced one.

Anonymous said...

That is really neat Karen. Great job, and the fact it was AWOL for awhile makes it all the more "new" for the kids.