Friday, January 12, 2007


One of our basement's water pipes just broke. We had to shut off water to the whole house. Just what we needed.

Luckily we heard the 'Bang!' so water damage is not much, but this is going to be a pain. Hope we can find a plumber tomorrow, to rescue us.


Anonymous said...

You are lucky you were home to hear it! After working so hard to clean up and use your basement as a family room that would have been awful to have it all ruined!

Incidently I JUST talked to a woman on the phone yesterday at work that mentioned the week before Thanksgiving a water pipe in their basement had burst. They ended up having to replace EVERYTHING - including their concrete!!!!

Jody said...

Oh no! Hope you can get it fixed pronto. It stinks to be without water! Especially with the pukes running through the kids!