Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tara's Hair Dying Tale

The post you all have been waiting for!

A few weeks ago, Tara came up to me 'I want to dye my hair black.'
Me 'Permanently?'
Tara 'Yes! I do not want my pillow to be all black like last time I dyed it (using cheap spray)
I explained to her about the permanence and how it would grow out, but she still insisted. So the day after the solstice, we went for it!

I was in luck, since I have a friend who actually knows what she is doing, so she got Tara the dye and helped her apply it.

It took quite a while to get it all in. But eventually, it was all done.

We were going to wash out the dye in the kitchen sink, but we managed to break the tap while trying some things. So she ended up in the bath tub instead. It's amazing how much blackness got out of her hair! It took quite a while to get the water to run somewhat clean. But the result was worth it.

I wish she would actually SMILE in this picture ^^

For at least a week, I would do a double take every single time I saw her. Not in a bad way, I just was surprised over and over about the fact that I am now the mom to a black haired kid.

Sylvia's reaction to Tara's new hair color: 'I want to dye MY hair!' Luckily she seems to have forgotten about that ^^


Wendy said...

How cool! I think she'd look really good in red hair too...

Anonymous said...

That sure makes her stand out among your kids.

txmommy said...

she's sure adventuresome when it comes to hair. I wonder what she'll do when she's a teen?!

chris said...

She is adorable and I love her adventurous spirit!

harri saptadi said...

harri: arrrgh! ur hair!
Tamara: what's dat supposed to, Oom?