Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too Much Stuff!

If there is one thing I have learned during the Great House Selling Quest of 2012 is that we have Too Much Stuff. For sure. It's amazing what we accumulated during the last 13 years.
Even although I did a HUGE Basement Cleanup five years ago.
Even although I got rid of tons of stuff to get the house ready for sale.
Even although my ex moved out with a myriad of boxes.
Even although we don't have small children around any more.
I unpack the boxes which came out of storage and look around in the house and realize once again that it is time to declutter and simplify and that I definitely not going to put those boxes in the basement to deal 'later'. Decluttering and getting rid of stuff will be my mantra for quite a while!

My garage has 5 bags full of stuff to donate to the thrift store, and there will be many more!
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Lynn said...

yay you! I'm so pleased that all your baby steps hve led to such great strides!

Jody said...

Those curls on Erik!! Love! They remind me of Quinn's

NannyOgg said...

Thank Lynn and Jody.

It's vacation time now and I have to admit my baby steps are even smaller now, but I am still moving forward, even if slowly ^^

And Jody, all my girls are sooooooo jealous that Erik and Tim got all the curls while they are stuck with straight hair :D