Sunday, November 11, 2012

Productive Day!

I love days where I don't have to drive in circles all day! It is amazing how much I can get done when I don't have to deal with a bunch of drop offs and pick ups.

Worked for a while on Sylvia and Erik's room this morning. Not perfect yet, but a bit closer in the direction of perfection. We even found a floor in there!


Baked four loaves of bread, two of which I bartered for two dozen of free range eggs.


Took kid to rehearsal and while she was gone, went to storage with another kid and we took out like 16 boxes! This storage place is leftover from when we tried to sell the house. I put quite a lot of stuff in storage, half to get the house uncluttered for showings, and half to get a headstart on the actual move. Which never happened. Now we are slowly getting all those boxes out of storage. It is like moving without actually moving.

Once they are out of storage they immediately start cluttering up the house again, so I foresee more trips to our thrift store to donate all the things we don't need but which nonetheless crept into our lives.


Today I unpacked at least five of those boxes right away and filled a few bags with donations to thrift store.

One of the boxes contained sweaters which is great since I had wondered where they were and whether I would actually find them before the winter or not.


I even got the living room look mostly good, that is till we put all the new boxes in, but ignoring that for now.

I went grocery shopping and used a bunch of coupons, including three which were expiring today, so used them just in time.

The biggest thing today was the storage, but all the other things feel good too. It was a nice day with flow.

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