Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Canvassing and Voting!

This is the very first presidential election where I was involved in any volunteering/canvassing. I went out a few times with Kate and Sylvia to canvass and of course we also did get to attend political rallies. As a still pretty new American it has been very fascinating to see this process up close.


Yesterday I went out canvassing with a friend in the morning to get out the vote. In the afternoon I took Sylvia out for more canvassing. We had fun and met interesting people.


And I VOTED! In my second presidential election since I became American in July 2008! I am still over the top thrilled that I can vote now.

At night we went to a party of our local Democratic party with my friend and Kate and Sylvia. Caught up with old friends. Watched television and cheered many times. Life is good!
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