Sunday, November 04, 2012

Another Obama Rally!

Did I mention how I love living in a battleground state? Another visit of Obama!

When I read the email about this event my first reactions were 'Cool! Another event, and only an hour away. But I already saw Obama and do I really want to spend the whole Sunday going there and I would have to get up early and nah, maybe not this time.'
Half of me wanted to go, half of me thought it would be too much.

Until I mentioned it to Kate. Who declared that she would be going for sure. Since she doesn't have a driver's license yet I figure I'd better go with her. I polled the other kids and Sylvia decided she also wanted to come. Both of them were not deterred by the thought of having to get up at 5am. Yawn.


Next I invited my sister friend who was very firm at insisting we should leave at 5am (me "Can't we leave at 5:30? Or even at 6?")  I dreamt that I totally overslept and my sister was in my driveway for more than an hour, being very annoyed with me.

The dream didn't come true and I felt very superior when she called me a few minutes before 5am. From her home. I knew that she must have overslept instead of me. Sweet victory that was...
Only it wasn't. Her car refused to start...
We moved to plan B where I picked her up and we took the scenic route to Concord.


It was quite a pretty drive, passing many playgrounds ("Can we stop here and play??" from the backseat), and watching the sun rise over New Hampshire. The morning clouds were beautiful and made the 5am departure quite a lot sweeter.

We arrived later than we planned but we had super good flow and found amazing parking close to the venue and were in in almost no time at all. Not only did we get in, but we lucked out on good location once inside. Life was good!

Well, apart from when the kids were fighting about the hat. And got kind of impatient with the waiting. But finally action happened and we got a nice a Capella performance.


This is one of our local community organizers. We were like 'Hey dude! We know her, we have talked to her, how cool to see her up there!'


Next we got to see and listen to Jeanne Shaheen.


And of course our governor John Lynch with his lovely wife.


Kate had a dragonfly land on her arm, I take that as a good luck sign for the Obama campaign.


One sweet intermezzo was a 98yo lady who was close to us who was hungry for a snack and we could give her our goldfish crackers. It was so nice to see all the different people who were attending, from young babies to an almost centenarian.


I am glad I went so that Kate and Sylvia could experience this all first hand.


This was the very first time I got to see Bill Clinton in person. He was charming and well spoken and I enjoyed his speech.


Many photographers around, a lot of them with bigger cameras than we had brought ^^


This is one of the ASL interpreters. She was amazing to watch, I was very impressed.


Last but not least, Obama, our president! He had a good speech and I was happy to just be there, listen to him and enjoy the ambiance and all the people around me.


The icing on the cake was that my sister got to touch Obama and to hug Bill Clinton. And Kate and Sylvia got to shake hands with Bill Clinton! How cool is that? He even put his hand on Sylvia's head, what a perfect memory this will be for them!


Sooooooooooo happy I decided to go after all, the day could not have gone any better than this!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Great pictures, Ogg Ogg! -whuang

Elaine said...

How exiting! I'd love to see President Obama. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture. The girls grow so fast! My dear sisters both looks great!


Rachel Phoenixgirrl said...

Wow, that's amazing! I'm so jealous!