Thursday, November 01, 2012

Scenes from Halloween

Yes. It is that time of the year. Pumpkins and ghosts and scary creatures abound. Werewolves are howling, doors are creaking and all children are suffering from severe candy highs.


Here we have a Japanese school girl with Buffy the Vampire Hunter and a zombie Hello Kitty (don't ask :)


I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out what this guy is doing in our front yard...


I have to admit that this school girl was cute, even if it confused people.
"So what are you dressed up as?"
"A girl."
"..." blank stare.
"I am usually a guy."


Kate and Sylvia thought it would be awesome to use hung Barbies for decoration... Sometimes I wonder about my kids. But especially boy visitors thought it was very scary, so I guess they got it right. I still didn't like it :p


Candy Dispensing Station, womanned by three teens and a dog. The dog was not amused by how boring it was to sit there and wait for people instead of actually going out to trick or treat.


He was very happy when he discovered the pumpkins, which were sooooooo tasty and yummy. Dogs are natural pumpkin eaters, right?


A good friend gave me a Halloween costume.


Brady sooooo did not want to give up his pumpkin trophy.


More silliness before going out for candy.


And three teens after coming home from Tons of Candy Hunting. Another Japanese school girl, a I Don't Know What I Am, and Las Vegas with glow sticks and a now missing sign.


And now? The day after...
A living room full of barbies and other stuff that got dropped there while getting ready for Halloween. Wish me luck in my quest to find the floor again! Kids will be put to work the moment they come home from school. And art club. And theater. And... Well, I am sure they will be home at some point and then I just have to convince them that even if Not Me dropped these things, they can pick them up :p

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