Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Glorious Fall Days

We have been having so many wonderful fall days that we have spent good times on our local playgrounds.

Today we actually stopped in two different parks to enjoy the glorious weather. The kids are off from school for Thanksgivings break, so we relaxed but also got all kinds of stuff done. Including some Christmas shopping! I feel so organized!

On that note, I finally gave notice at the storage place where we had 5,000 boxes which we stored there during our Great House Selling Quest. Even although my house is overflowing with boxes, I am happy that we won't have to pay the monthly storage fee anymore.

I even have been unpacking some of those boxes! Amazing how after a year of not seeing that stuff it seems a lot less necessary in my life than when I boxed it all up. Looking forward to going through it all and hopefully letting go of most of it!

Life is good!

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