Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Trip to Burlington

After a few years of hosting a big Thanksgiving and a year of spending our Thanksgiving in Montreal we had a nice low key Thanksgiving this year.
On Thursday we spent the day at the neighbors, enjoying good food, good company, and good times with them. I brought them some home baked cinnamon raisin bread which sure is easier than preparing a turkey. I like this 'not hosting' thing.
Erik really wanted to go somewhere though and we hadn't been to Burlington for a while, so it seemed the perfect trip for this occasion. Today we went and had an excellent time.
We went to the Echo Center, right on the shore of Lake Champlain and found out all about Champy and about many other creatures living in the lake.
This is what your bike would look like if you had dropped it into the lake.
It was a nice relaxed day with time to visit all the exhibits.
Erik got to be a turtle in one of the demonstrations. I never knew that turtles actually dance the worms out of the ground. Very interesting.
More pictures tomorrow. We had so much fun although we didn't quite spent as much time walking the lake shore as I had envisioned. Because it was frigging cold! I mean really really really frigid.
On the way back home we had snow, ice and we even saw a car which had ended up next to the highway. When we saw that and all the trucks salting the road we ended up taking a lot longer to get home than planned. But we did make it safely, listening to Christmas songs on the radio.
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