Saturday, November 10, 2012

Broccoli Tales

Even although most of the gardening season is over, my broccoli still was producing nicely, so a few weeks ago I harvested some.

I quickly wanted to get dinner on the table. One of the elements of dinner was my Very Own Home Grown Organic Broccoli, and I soooooooooo couldn't wait to eat it. I gave it a quick rinse, cut it up and steamed it. It looked awesome and I was feeling all organized and on top of things and very accomplished.


Till Dawn picked up a piece and asked 'Hmmm, is this from our garden?' I proudly reply 'Yup!' She follows up with 'Yeah, I can tell...', pointing to the little green worm in there...

Her boy friend was over and we tried to convince him to eat it since he isn't vegetarian, but he politely refused...


Even although the broccoli was still producing, somehow I had not been harvesting any since that meal. Well, today I entered my garden and found out that the deer were not at all deterred by little green worms in their broccoli.


My beautiful patch of broccoli was beheaded and deleafed and my still developing brussels sprouts suffered the same fate... Looked pretty funny. Oh well, at least somebody enjoyed the last of the season broccoli, even if it wasn't us ^^


They ate some of the late season greens too. I guess good timing to get this part of the garden winter ready :D
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