Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mount Washington

We took our visitors to Mount Washington, the highest mountain in the NorthEast. This mountain has a cog railway, which has been in operation since 1868. It was quite fun and impressive.

We did many other touristy things, including a trip to Burlingon, where I met an old neighbor at the Echo center. Last time, i met a good friend from here. This time I met an old neighbor from nine years ago. Interesting coincidence. Or maybe it proves how small New England really is.

I uploaded many pics to flickr.


Annelies said...

Leuk he, toerist spelen in je eigne omgeving. Dan zie je weer eens hoe mooi het allemaal is.

(Groetjes, uit mooi West-Friesland ;-))

Epijunky said...

What an absolutely beautiful picture.

daidai said...

it looks like a very cool place to visit.:-)