Sunday, September 30, 2007

Go Tournament

Today, I got up super early, to drive up to Middlebury for a go tournament. There were so many good things about the day.
  1. I got to spend some early morning time with Cees, while everyone else was still asleep. I dropped him off at McDonalds on my way to the tournament, the timing worked out perfectly.

  2. Driving through the Green Mountains was just awesome. The clouds were still very low, and enveloping the mountains and the valleys, and it felt like driving through Fairy Land.

  3. The go tournament was fun, I am happy that I decided to go. I saw my friends, played good games, and even won one of them! (Yes, I do realize that that means I lost three, but that's not the point :p)

  4. I went geocaching after the tournament, and had a DNF (Did Not Find) but there was such an amazing bridge and tons of beaver activity, I couldn't care less about the cache.

  5. One of the next caches, I observed a river otter on the bank of the river. Very cool, I had never seen those in the wild before.

  6. Driving by myself was very calming, just to be with myself, enjoying the mountains, being able to finish a thought without being interrupted every five seconds by complaints such as 'Mama!!!!!!!!!!!! He is LOOKING at me!'

  7. I had coffee on the way back, and now finally am starting to get sleepy at almost 2:30am, even after getting up before 7am and driving four hours. Gotta love caffeine.

  8. Today got me one day closer to the arrival of my new camera. It is supposed to be here on Monday, only 35 hours from now. Not that I am counting of course.

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SukChoi said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences through amazing pictures and early hours of your thoughts. You are indeed a beautiful person.