Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Children of the Corn

My little ones went to visit a corn maze.

They had an excellent time, even although sometimes they did get just a tiny bit frustrated.

Luckily Kate was there to help them figure out the hard parts.

At some point, they decided that going around in circles was just not fun anymore. They had the brilliant idea to put down arrows, to help them know where they had been already. They were not the only ones doing so though. So they made sure to decorate their arrows in an unique way, so they would know which arrows were theirs.

One of Kate's inventions was to add the text 'I am DOOMED!' to her arrows, which makes you wonder whether other people ever would follow those.

Finally they reached The Bell of Success. One thing to say about it, it was LOUD! All the kids got to hit it the number of times of their age. Altogether they were twenty-five years old. I feel for the other people in the maze.

Tomorrow, our homeschool group will visit another corn maze. Very much looking forward to it!


Annelies said...

Ja, leuk! Wij hebben ook een maidoolhof bezocht deze zomer. Doen we volgend jaar gegarandeerd weer!
(Maar is bij jullie de herfst nog niet begonnen? We zitten hier al in de regenbuien en de windvlagen. En de meeste mais is al geoogst)

aka_Meritt said...

Kate's comments always bring a smirk to my face. :)

veganbaby said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Where was the corn maze at? We would love to take M. Mazes may bore her, but I am sure she would love ringing the bell.

NannyOgg said...

Het is hier wel herfst aan het worden, maar meestal nog schitterend weer. Vaak genoemd 'an Indian summer'

The maze was in Danville, VT. It does have a website, although I don't have the address handy. I am sure a google search on corn maze in Danville will turn up results.

There is one in Plainfield too, on Riverview Farm, but there was no bell, and it is a lot smaller.