Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hurting Everywhere

Hurting everywhere, but in a good way. After a few weeks of missing my aiki budoin classes, I finally managed to get back to them last night. It was awesome, but my body is protesting very much today. I can feel that I got really out of shape. It is going to be my priority to make it to class three times a week again.

My visitors left, so the house is ours again. It was nice to have them over, but maybe even nicer to be back to 'normal' again.

We took them to the Museum of Science in Boston. It was a good trip. We watched a planetarium show about the origins of the universe, which was especially good for Kate, since she has been asking a lot of questions about it. She still doesn't believe in the big bang though. It is just impossible in her universe.

Sylvia made sure to wait till it was really quiet and then ask many questions like 'Which planet is that?' 'Oh, what is the name of that star?' and my favorite 'I see pink!' (that was when they showed some Mars landscapes)

We visited the butterfly garden and I really lamented not having a working camera. The butterflies were just stunning.

Yesterday, we had a very full day, and in the middle of it, my 'check engine NOW' light came on. This did worry me and made me wonder whether the car would explode on me any minute now. I managed to squeeze in a visit to the garage, all prepared to drop it off and give them another $1500. But their solution was way more simple 'OK ma'am, you are all set, we turned off the warning light for you.' Um... OK, I do not really want to know :p I guess you can call that a fix. Or not. I don't care.


aka_Meritt said...

Have you recently gotten gas? Like in the past 3 days?

Sometimes when the gas cap doesn't get screwed down all the way the light will come on about 1-2 days later. I took my truck in a couple times for that - now I can TELL it's not closing all the way - even when it's clicking to tell me it's closed, it's not. I can see it when I lean down and look closely.

So I choose to ignore that little light now... my mechanics have turned it off 3 times for me. LOL.

Anonymous said...

It's good you have a child not willing to take theories as gospel truth. For all we know, the Big Bang will forever remain just a theory. Good for Kate.