Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hiking Barefoot

Hiking barefoot
Uphill both ways
What a view!

Today was yet another busy day, but in the afternoon things finally calmed down. I called my friend and said 'Want to go out caching?' She hesitated for at least 47 microseconds before replying 'Sure!'

We parked at 458 m (1500 feet) elevation. Up and up we went. The trail was kind of muddy at some points, so it didn't take me long to kick off my flip flops and hike barefoot the rest of the way. There was such a nice atmosphere. We tremendously enjoyed soaking up nature. The hike was pretty long, about two miles up to the pond, and surprisingly enough, another two miles back!

We got a FTF on a new cache and then made it over a pond with another cache. Such tranquility. The leaves starting to turn. The mirroring of the trees in the water. It was just perfect. We did wonder about the snow mobile on the way in though. What kind of story is there behind it? Did someone decided to leave it there and hike the way out? Two miles in the middle of winter? It was just parked next to the trail, half falling apart. If it was falling apart already, how did they get it up there? If it wasn't, why did they leave it?

We found many moose tracks, it was fun to know that moose had gone here not too long before us. Coincidentally, the moose were hiking barefoot too!

This pond is higher up than I expected, at around 600m (2000 feet). I love the way geocaching gets us to ponds like these, which we would never have known about otherwise. I am not sure whether I loved as much that this whole hike was 500 feet elevation gain ^^ Over a distance of 2 miles, it might not be too bad, but we still could feel the strain. Maybe I am just out of condition :p

Images thanks to speeding druid, who posted them on his cache log. Did I mention that I don't have a working camera at the moment? I really missed it today. Heck, I miss it every day.

The best thing, when I came home, tired, very muddy feet and ankles, and of course it was dark by then, Tara and her friend had started dinner already! Potatoes were baking in the oven. Corn was being husked and cooked. This was totally amazing! I took a quick shower and could sit down to a wonderful home cooked dinner, cooked by someone else!


mathmom said...

Sounds like a great day of caching. We finally did get DS a nice replacement GPS and went out a couple of times, but haven't made it out since then. I don't know how you make time for everything.

My guess on the snowmobile is that it either ran out of gas or broke down, and the rider had to hike out.

Kathy said...

That Tara sure is a keeper. Sounds like a beautiful hike.

McConnell Middle said...

I wish we lived closer, it does look like a beautiful place to visit. Not liking bugs I simply enjoy living though your adventures.