Friday, September 07, 2007


Tonight, I wanted to go put a waypoint on my house, so I grabbed my GPS, opened the front door, and started walking out. Well, that was, until I almost tripped over a skunk. Right in front of our door, on the steps. You have no idea how fast I closed that door.

And as every good mom would do, I called all my still awake kids (six out of seven) and told them to be VERY quiet as we opened the door again. Yes, I made sure the kids were in front of me, just in case. The skunk was still there, happily eating sunflower seeds (don't ask!) and they all saw it and admired it. It looked amazingly cuddly for such a stinky animal.

If only my camera wasn't broken, I even would have taken a pic. For now, you just have to mentally imagine me tripping over a skunk and what could have happened.

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