Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tree Planting

Today, the weather was too nice to stay indoors, so we decided to go out to buy some apple trees.

There was some confusion about our destination. Erik 'Why do we have to go to the doctor???' Me 'Huh, we are not going to the doctor.' Erik 'But you said we were going to the nursery!'

We spent some time finding just the right apple trees and decided on a Macintosh, a State Fair and an Empire. All the kids got some flowers too, to plant in a flower garden.

Time to go home and start digging!

We dug.

And we dug.

And we dug some more.

Did I mention that we found at least forty rocks in the holes for the two trees we planted today?

While we were digging, Tara decided to put together a composter, which had been waiting to be assembled for like two years. I am happy it finally got done. We ended up calling a friend to give us a hand with this, she put it together in seconds after it took us hours and hours of frustration.

Finally it was time to actually plant a tree. Before we put down the first one in its hole, we first put in Sylvia's placenta. It had been living in our freezer for almost three years , it was about time to bury it. Now we don't have to worry about the mother-in-laws accidentally preparing it for dinner anymore.

Sylvia made sure her placenta tree got a lot of water.

We planted two of the three apple trees, one rhododendron, three perennials and weeded our strawberry bed. Not bad. I love spring!


li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

welcome spring? looks everyone fun,
be careful sylvia,digging will be tired :)



harri saptadi said...

say to Erik then, "Next week we'll visit a Husbandry."

aka_Meritt said...

I'm so incredibly jealous.

I found tree's I wanted about 2 weeks ago and don't have two pennies to rub together much less spend on tree's.


I will be happy for you and your tree's though! :)

daidai said...

great job! I love the spring too.... can't tell how much I enjoyed the lovely sun today.


veganbaby said...

What fun!!!!!
I am wondering what we should do with our placenta later.