Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holes, Holes, Holes.

My kids like to dig. This means that our lawn has holes 'everywhere'. Holes appear and disappear. Rocks get dug up and moved. Interesting pieces of wood get discovered under ground.

This hole has been in my front yard on and off. First time, it appeared was a few years ago. Jane started it. 'I am making a bath tub'. A visitor dryly commented 'A bit public location, but it has a great view.'

This spring, the little ones revived the hole. They have been having a lot of fun filling it with water and getting muddy. Visiting friends get sucked into the excitement.

Tara and Jane have taken the holes thing to a new level though. If I was organized, I would show pictures, but since I am not, you'll just have to do with the description. They have been digging a huge hole in our backyard. I got informed it was going to be a duck pond. Followed by Tara's request 'Mom? Can I get a duck for my birthday?' Um... No.

They decided to make it a lair instead and told me they needed a bag of cement to make that happen. Yet again, I had to be the mean parent by veto-ing their wonderful plans. I told them that I thought this might be a bit beyond their constructive talents, and that I did not really want a block of cement in the backyard when I ever wanted to sell the house. They thought I was just a spoilsport. Cees worried about 'You cannot sell the house! I grew up here!'

They are back to making it a fish and plants pond, which I might let them do, just because I do like ponds and our other pond has worked out very well. I would like to use another method than the black plastic we used for that one though, although I haven't figured out what would work instead and would still be affordable.

And yes, I do realize that most Americans rather have a spotless lawn instead of once covered in dandelions and muddy holes. I still like ours better ^^


li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

hehe they are working hard :)

who is the leader?

maybe sylvia?

have fun!!


Esma said...

Not without my children

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Lisa said...

Two of my boys went through a hole stage. First they were to be tiger traps, then man traps. When they began sharpening stick for 'pungi sticks' I declared a no trap zone.