Thursday, May 31, 2007

Love is...

Love is having good friends who come over to hang out and in the process help me clean my house. Which is dire need of cleaning. Last week, my friend cleaned my kitchen. Today, she helped me dealing with some living room clutter. Cleaning up is way more fun when other people are around, doing it by myself just isn't the same.

Today's visit inspired me enough to get rid of some other junk and broken things, resulting in a visit to the dump with 5 or 6 trash bags, and a LOT of cardboard recycling. I wonder whether our cardboard boxes have wild orgies when we aren't watching, they always seem to grow new ones.

Or maybe it's because of being married to a person, who seems physically unable to deal with any boxes when they are empty, but instead carefully closes them and puts them in the basement. Yes, with the packing peanuts still inside.

Love also is by the same friends, who took my three little ones for the weekend so that I could attend my go workshop all my myself. It was a very needed break. I am blessed to have good friends like this.

Happy Love Thursday! May your life be filled with love and friends.

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mommy to four j's said...

Friends are special blessings..Char