Thursday, May 17, 2007

Love is ...

Love is 'meeting' your uncle via skype for the very first time this week.

Sylvia has been enjoying hearing about uncle Ang and seeing pictures of him. She always declares 'Him is MY Li Ang'. She also has told me that she is going to play go with him, and she will let him win. She is nice like that ^^ After hearing all the stories and seeing his pictures, she was very happy to finally see him 'real life'.

Ang on the other hand got treated to a beautiful Sylvia temper tantrum, not sure whether that was the best introduction to her. 'This is MY li ang!' and MY spot! you cannot sit on MY spot! You cannot talk to MY li ang!' I guess it's easy to tell that she still is two years old :)

Kate was a bit confused about time zones 'I thought he was going to bed!' 'maybe he moved the computer to his bed???' I guess she wasn't considering the fact that this was via webcam , so we would have seen him in his bed on the screen if he had moved there.

I love modern technology, how we can speak to family and friends at the other side of the earth from the comfort of our own home, including seeing them. Quite a contrast to the 'twice-yearly letter' from one hundred years ago.

May your life be filled with love as ours is. Remember to say hi to a loved one via skype if you can do so. Happy Love Thursday!

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li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

wow cool,they are happy seeing me,blush :)

happy for met my sis and nieces and nephews,they are so cute :)