Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sylvia Goes Fishing.

Today, my sisters took Sylvia fishing.

She had a wonderful time.

She even caught a fish!

She made boats out of leaves.

She had fun climbing.

Here's some of the fish they saw.

This is the pond where they were fishing, it's so beautiful.

Two and a half years ago, we hid a cache at this pond, but Sylvia was too little to remember any of it. Here are some more pictures of the pond.

She had a wonderful day, but also was very very excited to be home.
'Kate, I am home!'
'Erik, I am home!'
'Tara!!! I am home!!'
'JANE! I am HOME!'
'CEEEEES!!! I am home!'
'TIM! I AM HOME!!!!'

I think she really enjoyed having been on an outing 'all by herself' and being able to announce her homecoming, and bask in the admiration of her siblings :)

And just for a blast from the past, this is 2.5 years ago, at the same location:


li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

first time fishing? looks so fun,someday i join it too :)

enjoy the fishing sylvia :D!



NannyOgg said...

I am sure Sylvia would love have her uncle with her on a fishing trip.

iliana said...

Ohhhhh it was so fun :-) We met some nice fishermen, saw lots of Canada geese & Mallard ducks, horses, cows, llamas, and picked up a little garbage.. and caught a lot of fish! Min caught one and Sylvia caught one and I caught seventeen million. Okay, four :-)

Can't wait to take my brother fishing too!


aka_Meritt said...

I love two things...

1) How she greeted everyone seperately when she arrived home.

2) How she didn't even FISH on her fishing trip. Hee hee. She did what I would do... build boats, run, climb... :)