Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Shoes

The joys of getting new shoes.

Dora shoes!

She was very determined which shoes she did and did not like at the shoe store. It sure was easier to shop with her when she didn't have her own opinion about things yet :)

Today is rainy, so a good day to stay home, study go, and bake bread. Today is aikido training too, the longer I do it, the more I am looking forward to the training sessions. Even if I occasionally break my leg or end up with a black eye ^^


Kathy said...

Are you sure that's Dora. They look like Strawberry

I hope she enjoys her new shoes. Jack just got new sandals and after refusing to take them off, they gave him a nasty blister, so he no longer loves them...LOL

I love the independence..

NannyOgg said...

hmmm, now that you mention it, they might be strawberry short cake...

I guess I didn't pay enough attention to her new shoes :p


txmommy said...

we have the same shoes for lucy and I think they're strawberry shortcake too! Cute either way:)