Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gardening is Good

I am so happy to be able to spend lots of time outside again. It was a long winter. Today, we planted the last of the three apple trees. Now we just need to wait till they start dropping apples for us :)

Sylvia watered her flower. Over and over and over.

Tara planted a new rhododendron.

Everyone enjoyed being outside.

I even got my 'The sun is trying to kill me!' boy outdoors!

We got quite a lot accomplished. Did I mention how I love gardening?

Later, Tim went fishing with my sister and caught his very first fish ever! Exciting!


li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

have a good events i think,sorry boys a bit lazy :)



aka_Meritt said...

LOVE the "sun is trying to kill me!" boy!!!!

Hey - my young man is considering a life at Mickey D's this summer. Got any words of wisdom? LOL. We are in the "discussion" stage right now. Me saying "This is a REAL job and a COMMITMENT and you have SHOW UP even when you don't feel like working..."


NannyOgg said...

sure, let him try it. I find it a great way to make them realize 'so this is what a minimum wage job looks like'. Hopefully encouraging them to get something better in long term. At least, that's my evil plan. Who knows what will happen :p