Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Career Path

Today the Young Eagles had their annual rally where kids could ride an air plane. We started going to those six years ago, and we have gone almost every year after that.


This year was Sylvia's first year, so she was super excited. After so many years of seeing her siblings get to go in the air plane while she had to wait on the boring ground, so was sooooooo ready to finally get to fly.


Erik got to ride in this plane, he lucked out and sat in the front.


The three girls got to ride in a sea plane. When the pilot met them, he was all like "Did you bring your swim suit?" to which Sylvia replied "I'll just swim in my clothes."


It's amazing how high off the ground this plane was.


In this plane Sylvia got lucky and sat in the co pilot's seat. Not only did she sit in the seat, but she got to actually steer the air plane, which gave her her first official half hour of flight training, since her pilot actually is a flight instructor.


After all this Kate was expressing that maybe she wants to become a pilot. It would be cool to have a pilot in the family, so let's see how that will work out. There seems to be a push for getting more females into aviation, so she might be at the right place at the right time.


Of course, being 13yo, she could change her mind one or two times still.


I am just happy that this program exists and that the kids got to experience the joy of flying. They saw many places that they recognized from the air, including "I almost saw our house!!!" from Kate ^^

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Mosaica said...

I want to fly the friendly skies with Captain Kate!