Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Jane and Erik took part in a Shakespeare workshop, organized by some students at Dartmouth College. They had a blast!


The camp was four afternoons weekly, going on for six weeks. They started with studying Shakespeare and theater in general, then later moved on to a specific play, in this case a Midsummer Night's Dream.


Erik shared the role of Peter Quince, Jane played Flute. She played a guy who didn't want to play a girl, but in the end played a girl after all. We have been making many gender identity issues jokes :p


When they were still studying the play and she tried to convince Peter that she didn't want to play a girl, her famous line was 'I have to play a guy! Just look at my manly curves!!!!!'


It was a low budget production, so they told all the kids to dress in black and then added some splashes of color for the costumes. It worked amazingly well.


I am happy Jane and Erik got the opportunity to participate in this, and both of them want to do it again next year.


The disadvantage is that we now have yet another death scene to be played out at the dinner table. Don't even ask...


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nathmom said...

Evan played Flute last spring in his school's production -- it's a fun role ;-)