Monday, August 13, 2012

ARGH!!!! Fairpoint Foolishness

Yes, I still do exist. Yes, I have tons of things to write about. No, I haven't. Yes, I indeed have been driving around in crazy circles all day instead.

Anyway, I have my phone and internet via fairpoint communications (for now, that is :p) and I needed to contact them about two fairly simple issues. One to get my online access password reset, since I hadn't used it in ages and the website didn't like me anymore.


Geez, in the end it took me more than one and a half hour to get it all done. That included talking to three people , one of which said she needed a minute to look into something, but accidentily must have hung up on me instead :p. The others were very nice but I still didn't get done what I needed until after a lot of waiting and calling and trying again and again to log in to their website.

Fairpoing still has my married name in their system, even although in the past I have tried to change that, but I am sooooooooooooo not going to spend another one and a half hours to do so :p

One of them tried to sell me an 'all inclusive' package of $41 for unlimited long distance calls, since my calls were usually between $29 and $40. Ummmm... how would the $41 package save me money?

I think the almost $80 I pay for phone and internet with them is an expense I am going to look at and to shop around at their competitors.

Now going to do all the other boring administrative stuff I want to get done today. Hope it will be a bit more speedy and efficient.
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