Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Piano Catchup


Well, we never found all fifty pianos, but we did find around 45 of them. Not bad at all. We had a blast traveling all over town trying to find the pianos and of course playing every single one of them.


One time we forgot our papers at one of the pianos and Kate had to chase them all over the place when we came back for them.


I don't know why we had to forget them on a windy day like this! I stayed in the car (there wasn't quite an official parking space there, so that was my excuse) and took pictures of Kate chasing the papers.


She did manage to retrieve them all, phew.


We should have taken our bikes to this piano, a nice bike rack to accompany it.


This piano had hand and foot prints, so of course the kids had to try to match up their hands to them.


In case you wondered, this is your brain on music.


So many pianos, so much fun!


I am half sad that the project is over now, and half happy that I don't have to drive all around town anymore to find the darned pianos ^^

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