Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Off to Camp


On Sunday Jane and Erik went off to camp. To get Jane to her camp, we drove a very pretty route through Vermont and stopped at this scenic view.


In the distance you can see a huge power dam.


At another rest area we met this moose head...


We didn't get lost too much and eventually we actually made it to Jane's camp. She got assigned into the coyote cabin. Not sure what to think of that. A cool thing is that one of her class mates from her school was at the exact same camp and they didn't even know that they both were going.


After we dropped off Jane, Kate and I slowly made our way back home, stopping for anything that interested us. We both liked this covered bridge.


And even although we weren't even geocaching (still haven't found my GPS), we still looked for a geocache, just in case. We didn't find any, even although we have found many on other covered bridges, they seem to be popular geocaching hiding spots.


It is always nice to look at the water and rocks under the covered bridges.


This was the first time ever I saw mailboxes on a covered bridge. What a super cool mailbox location! Maybe we should move there, just to have a mailbox like that!


Kate is pointing out interesting architectural details.


Next stop was the tiniest library we had ever seen. Too bad it wasn't open on Sunday, so we couldn't actually go inside.


Now we found ourselves in Littleton where we wanted to eat lasagna, since last Sunday was National Lasagna Day (yeah, I didn't know that either, but Kate had found it somewhere online, so it has to be true)

We didn't found lasagna, but we did find another piano project.


Kate had fun playing on it.


And even although no stores were open anymore since it was later on Sunday now, we totally enjoyed ourselves by windowshopping. Very creative wooden doll houses in this store.


Since we couldn't find any lasagna, we had pizza instead, since that is Italian too, right, so it's almost the same.

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