Thursday, July 12, 2012

Having Musical Fun


Three days of piano hunting have us up to 31 out of 50 pianos, not bad at all. It is a fun quest! We have met many interesting people, and see very cooly decorated pianos.


At one of the pianos we even met an old friend who moved a while ago but was back in town! Such coincidence.


We have been to two farmers markets (Yum, crepes! Yay cheese! Yahoo bread! Veggies! Eggs! More cheese! Smoothies! Lemonade! Happiness!)


We have gotten new piano books and it has been a great experience all along.


We'll take a break now, since Kate and Sylvia are leaving for ten days of camp in Maine. They are doing some last minute packing, but are mostly ready for it.


Erik did a robotics camp this week and has really enjoyed learning to program and work with simple robots.


We also have kids in Shakespeare camp and dance camp.


I do WAY too much driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, summer is great, even if a bit hot and I also would like to order some rain please.

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