Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cricket Coolness or How Hot Summer Nights Can Be Full of Surprises

It was a hot and steamy night. Way too hot to sleep, at least in my bedroom. This gave me the brilliant idea that I would go sleep outdoors instead.


Installed myself on the deck with a sleeping pad right next to one of our solar lights so that I could read in 'bed'. It didn't take long before I was joined by a huge cricket who clearly liked the solar light as much as I did. Even although I enjoyed his beauty, I told him he should go somewhere else because this was MY bed.


Not that he listened to me, so I ended up reluctantly moving my pillow a bit farther away from the light and that convinced him to move off the pillow.


The temperature was much more comfortable outdoors and the stars were fabulous and the night sounds were soothing, but somehow I still couldn't fall asleep. After counting sheep for a while and pondering the merits of my nice comfortable bed, I decided that maybe I should sleep indoors after all. It shows flexibility to be able to change one's mind, right?


But not yet. I was enjoying my experience too much to give it up easily and the universe rewarded me with a falling star.
I stayed for a while waiting for another one, but the show seemed to be over, so I moved all my stuff into the house and wanted to do a few things before I actually went to bed since I wasn't particularly sleepy anymore.


I went into my garage where I got greeted by two bats flying around right inside my garage, eating all the insects that must gather there at night. Very cool!

But in the end I did sleep in my soft and fluffy bed and that was just fine.
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