Monday, July 09, 2012

Hunting Pianos

Guess what is all over the place in our community?


Yes, pianos! This particular one is called Whale Song.


Almost all of them outdoors and decorated by local artists. It is a super cool project.


Our family's goal is to find all fifty and play all of them and make pictures with all of them.


Today we made a great start by finding 19 of them.


We had a blast going all over the place.


This was one of my favorite ones with cows peeking out of the back of the piano.


It is called Hands and Land in Harmony.


Erik got tired of the project after only a few pianos, just watch his facial expression here.

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Amy said...

That's so awesomely cool!! We did the same thing when Boston had decorated cows a few years ago and when we were in Pittsburgh while the decorated dinosaurs were on display. It was fun finding them all, but sadly no music was involved.