Friday, July 27, 2012

Lovely Hike

The weather was nice, we had done too much indoors stuff, so I convinced Erik we should go on a hike together. He wanted to try out the new camera, so all the pictures in this post are made by him, apart from the ones where he is featured.

This bridge does not really seem to go anywhere, but I think it is used for snowmobiles in the winter and maybe 4wheelers at this time of the year.


I am not used to finding pictures of myself on my camera, it was nice to have Erik take some.


He liked the flowers, here are some black eyed Susans.


And a daisy.


No idea what this purple flower is, but it looks pretty.


This was our destination for the day, the local ex-beaver-pond which is now more and more of a marsh instead of a pond.


Interesting looking rock, not sure what it is either.


Erik on that bridge in the first picture.


Me too, even if the bridge doesn't seem to have made it into the picture.


Not sure what is going on with this plant. See how the stem has a thickening and then it gets normal again. Maybe caused by some insect?


Some more silly pictures of Erik on the big blocks at the entrance to the trail.


We had a great time hiking!


Today we did a similar hike again, only we went farther and the grass was still wet from the rain. Not to mention that my camera was out of batteries, so we didn't take it.

There was much whining and gnashing of teeth, especially when the bottom of Erik's pants got wet and he was wet and cold and miserable and everything was wrong and nothing was right.

Let's hope next hike will be better, more like the lovely one from the pictures, instead of the not-perfect one today ^^
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