Friday, July 01, 2011

Strawberry Festival III


Eat strawberries, not meat.


There was face painting, to the utter delight of Sylvia. At home Dawn had offered to paint her face, but Sylvia politely declined 'No Thank you, I'll have the people at the festival paint my face, they are professionals.' I see... Don't try this at home, eh?


A 'portable' or drivable pizza oven. It is wood fired and they drive it around Vermont to fairs and farmer's markets, how cool. We had seen our first one of these at our own farmer's market last week. It is such a cool concept.


Kate meditated in a sunflower teepee in the making. It reminded me of when we tried to make a sunflower house in our backyard and the stupid groundhog kept eating the seedlings! I bet the organic farmer might have more effective ways to deal with ground hogs than I did. I have heard that guns do indeed work better than store bought coyote pee...


There was a guy on stilts and he never fell over at least not while we watched.





When we came home, Jane had baked butter cookies which went very well with the strawberries. Life is good!

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