Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Day!!!!


Yesterday was the last day of my Dutch family visiting. We celebrated it by going out for ice cream.


Today they left around a 10:45am in the morning and will be home tomorrow early morning in the Netherlands. Lucky ducks, they get to be in the air conditioned bus and then in the air conditioned air port.


We had a wonderful time and I am sad to see the go, even if it is also going to be nice to just be with our family again. At least, we will be once Sylvia and Erik return from camp tomorrow.




Damian got a bubble gum ice cream. Kasia thought that meant it would have the flavor of bubble gum, she did not realize that it had actual bubble gum in it and that he (and subsequently she) were both covered in the sticky gum.


All the pictures in this post were made by Dawn. More of her work on her Photographic Musings blog.

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