Saturday, July 23, 2011


It has been hot hot hot here, which for sure beats all the snow, but I still am melting. Oh well, gives me time to share the different homecomings of Sylvia and Erik after their camps.


Sylvia immediately starting unpacking her backpacks, showing off all her new stuff and art projects, and helped me put away her clothes / put them in the laundry.


Erik dropped all his bags and totally ignored them even when I gently reminded him. Today while he visited his dad I decided to make a start at unpacking. It was FILLED with dirty stinky clothes, some of them still wet which made them even more stinky thanks to the current heat wave. No wonder he didn't want to unpack them! I have to admit that for a moment I contemplated just burning the whole stack, but I decided against it, even if I don't know anymore why. Maybe because I didn't want any burn marks on the carpeting while we have all the house showings going on.

The similarity is that both of them had a great time and came home happy and bubbly and that is what really counts.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit cooler, I am looking forward to it!
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