Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Erik Off to Camp

I took my Dutch visitors to drop off Erik at his camp in Vermont. It was a nice scenice drive, even more scenic on the way back when I told the GPS to take shortest route.


This is the first time ever Erik is going to an overnight camp. He is in the Cardinals cabin. Kate told me she was a cardinal at camp last year too (totally different camp, even in a different state). I guess there are only a limited number of New England birds to use for cabin names.


Damian enjoyed watching all the camp activities.


On the way back we made a stop at our favorite snackbar for a real American hot dog. Damian is used to hot dogs boiled in water instead of grilled, so he looked at it with a funny face and didn't eat much more than one or two bites. Luckily it was accompanied by a big portion of fries, so he didn't quite starve.


Kasia has developed an addiction to brownie sundaes, something you apparently cannot get in the Netherlands.

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