Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dining Room Before and After

A few years ago I bought our dining room table. We have enjoyed it ever since.


But now... I have to sell the house and I have to pretend we have formal dinners here.


Like this.


Unlike this.


When I track back another few years, you can see that the dining room not always was used for dining.


I had so many little ones, that we used it as a play room. Worked pretty well back then. Wouldn't work so well now.


Quite a transformation from that old play room.

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flowtops said...

I like the feel of the unformal dinners better. But I know, that's what you do when you want to sell. (Going through that ourselves...)

NannyOgg said...

Yeah, I TOTALLY prefer informal dinners too, but I will jump through whatever hoops it takes to sell the darned house ^^

I hope your house sells FAST and you can go back to informal dinners in a nice new house,


chris said...

I remember the playroom dining room!

NannyOgg said...

I liked the playroom dining room when we had so many young'uns and many of them visiting too.

Although I liked the food dining room too, as long as the food stays ON the table.

My current dining room... doesn't feel like ours, but as long as it sells the house, I'll take it ^^