Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bullet Points

  • My mom, my niece and her 4yo son are visiting!!!!! It is awesome!
  • The new cat has been named Mars and is settling in beautifully;
  • Our house is on the market!!!
  • We have survived our first showing;
  • I haven never seen my house this clutterless and empty;
  • We have a new toilet (yes, on Sunday, the day before we listed our house...)
  • I harvested my first cucumbers in the garden;


  • It is a HUGE help to have my overseas family here to help with all the practicalities of listing and cleaning the house;
  • The new cat discovered that the green stuff on the water surface of our garden pond is NOT grass and will NOT hold you when you pounce on it because you see something move;
  • Now that the BIG things in the house are done (dump runs, thrift store runs, storage space runs galore) suddenly a myriad of smaller things jump up at me;
  • Sylvia is off to her very first ever overnight camp;
  • I wonder what happened to a nice and lazy summer vacation, because this one sure doesn't feel like it, even if I am happy about listing the house;
  • I stayed up way too late I wish there was any day in the near future I could sleep in. Like till 8am.
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