Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oma and Kasia Visit

Oma and Kasia have been here for more than a week now. We are having a super duper good time, apart from when oma wants to get out of the thrift store NOW.

In between all the house cleaning and staging, we have done fun stuff too. We have gone to the playground, to two farmer's markets, to Vermont, to Erik's camp.


Today we saw a turtle cross the road, the first time they got to see a real life wild turtle up so close. Kasia got a picture, I was too late because I had to park the car.


They brought many Dutch goodies, we love them very much now.


And Kasia will have lots of space for her thrift store finds. Oma found two cute bunnies in the thrift store, glad it was not all negative for her.


I am so happy I get to spend all this time with them and that they can accompany me to new houses. We looked at two on Friday, and two more tomorrow. And of course they have been invaluable in helping me with this house. Another showing on Tuesday, keep your fingers crossed!
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