Sunday, April 04, 2010

Guest Post by Kate: Easter 2002


I was really happy when my mom took out the photos from Easter, 2002. We were looking at the photos and I kept seeing things we used to have or I saw a place that didn't have something that we had now, and I would point that out. I also liked it when Mama saw a baby and said, "Look! It's Sylvia. Wait... That's Erik!"


I also said a pretty funny thing when I saw Tara's basket of eggs. "Hey! Why does Tara have the pink eggs? I should have them!"


I saw the picture above and I was like, "Where's the hammock? The picture looks so EMPTY!" Because we have a hammock back there now, and it does look pretty empty.


I looked at this picture and I thought it just looked so funny. See, there we are, one happy, sunny, Easter, AND WE'RE WEARING SNOW BOOTS!!!!!!


Now this picture made me remember a trick I liked to do to Erik when I was younger. In his basket are two Teletubbie dolls, both the same Teletubbie. But, you know how Teletubbies have little TVs on their stomachs? Well, on of these dolls had a glittery TV and the other had a bunny on it. What I would do is, I would put the bunny one behind my back and the glitter one in front of me, and I would say to Erik: "OK, I'm going to do a magic trick. See this Teletubbie?
Well, I'm going to make the TV have a picture on it. Now, close your eyes. Abra, cadabra, alakazam! You can open your eyes now." And what I would have done is I switched them around and, POOF! There was a bunny! That was something I did a lot, and I think he MIGHT have caught on after a bit...
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