Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Followup on Older Post

Remember when I posted Jane desperately trying to reach something on the ceiling? With an interesting K'nex contraption?


Today seems as good as ever to show the alien who was trapped on the ceiling. For the last many years even. Up so high that reaching it never seemed to be enough of a priority to get out a ladder.


One winter day, for no clear reason, it suddenly WAS a priority to get the alien down. NOW. Everyone got involved, and it did take a while, but Jane saved the alien.


Kate was thrilled even if she didn't finish her homework that night. I guess life is all about priorities, eh?


Any interesting things on your ceiling?
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Meepy said...

i had some asbestos ceiling tiles, but i got them taken down. except in the closets :P Not nearly as awesome as your alien

Mongoose said...

That's awesome. Does your ceiling seem empty without the alien?

NannyOgg said...

Yes, strangely enough it IS empty without the alien. It will make it a tiny bit easier to sell the house someday though that I dont' have to explain the alien on the ceiling anymore :D