Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010: We Found ALL Ze Eggs (Yes, that is a bloody miracle indeed)

Back from geocaching, throwing out some posts before kicking kids to bed. Yes, they are supposed to be brushing their teeth and taking showers, and finishing up 4 hours of homework. I am sure they are doing all that...


The big news today: WE FOUND ALL THE EGGS! Unlike other years when there always were horrible disasters like Kate couldn't find all her eggs, or Erik had one less egg or Sylvia lost her found eggs.


This year we had scribes going out with every hider to document all the hiding spots. Yes, we are super organized, thank you very much. No, this is not weird, not at all, why do you even suggest such a thing??!!!


Of course there were small snafus like Dawn's egg being hidden so high in a tree that she was unwilling to climb that high and Tim had to be the superhero savior.


All Kate's pants seem to have evaporated, so off to solve yet another Household Mystery. Yes, that always seems to happen really late before a school day. No, I don't even WANT to know why and how and when and where but somehow it all is my fault and my problem anyway...
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