Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010: The Hiding of the Eggs

Over the years we have more and more fine tuned our Easter egg hunt organizing skills to the current Very High Level.
We used to color code the eggs. Every one would find one particular colour, but that is harder once you reach seven kids. Not impossible, but harder.


The last few years, instead of color coding, we put letters on them with a sharpie. Every kid finds their own initial letter eggs. This means the eggs for the older kids can be hidden in harder places than for the young'uns.


We have progressed to a system where everyone hides eggs for at least two siblings, so that everyone gets not only the fun of searching for eggs, but also the enjoyment of hiding them.


Yesterday Dawn and I did all the shopping for the eggs and tons of chocolate, and she did the marking and filling of the eggs while I hard boiled eggs and cleaned the kitchen (yes, I know that wasn't an Easter thing, but somehow the sunny weather (28 C !) motivated me to clean, clean, clean, don't worry it will pass)


It was so pleasant to have sunny weather and No SNOW! to hide the eggs outdoors again. The last few years all seem to have been indoor Easter egg hunts.
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