Sunday, November 02, 2008

Midnight Madness

Stealing some rare time all by myself (yes, in lieu of sleeping, thank you very much), and getting ready for trip to visit friends tomorrow. My friend has been killing his sourdough starters, so about a month ago (or was it three months? or seven?) I promised him some of my Robert.

Of course, thanks to life, Robert had been a teensy bit neglected once again. Seemed easier to just push him to the back of the fridge instead of actually paying attention to him.

Today I did have no choice than to wake him up. Tell him how sorry I was for not calling him sooner. Making up excuses for my inexcusable behaviour towards him. I went out and bought him a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate and set out on my quest.

He was covered in that black yucky liquid starters use to show their displeasure. I stirred it back in and found out that he seemed ok still. Phew. I took out a cup of him to make the crumpets, added salt, baking soda, and sugar. He nicely grew from one cup to three cups in the container in almost no time at all. Good!

Got frying pan ready, found crumpet rings, but got impatient and poured the batter before the pan was heated enough. Or something else. Whatever I did, the batter was not only in the rings, but everywhere where it shouldn't be. And I made A Big Crumpet Mess.

The good news was that Robert performed well, and that the creation tasted good anyway, even if it looked horrible. They were a bit too brown at one side too. As in almost black. I am sure there are health benefits to that, right?

I dug into my fridge and found hot jalapeno jelly! Oh! Perfect for midnight madness crumpets. I pretended my crumpets looked perfect, added jalapeno jelly, and had the best midnight snack ever. My friend 'd better appreciate what I did for him.


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog again!
don't you sleep?
I've never made crumpets without them being disasterous.

Rebecca (July '97)

NannyOgg said...

Rebecca!! Long time no see, how's things?

Hmmmm, I actually have started sleeping earlier most of the time, but sometimes I fall back into my old habits.

Like last night.

But hey, Robert is ALIVE!

Karen, off to do 200 little things before leaving on my day trip to deliver Robert

Rebecca said...

The scariest Halloween story I heard this year might be about your 'Robert'.