Saturday, November 01, 2008


Our Halloween was filled with all the things Halloween should be filled with. Good friends, an abundance of candy, fun costumes, and lots of trick or treating.

People were in and out all night, and we ended up with an eleven kids sleepover. Only six of those kids were mine! Do you know how much pounds of candy eleven kids can eat? Do you have any idea how many wrappers they do NOT throw away?

The girls arranged a scary movie night in our basement, and had a great time, even if not enough sleep ^^

I smashed one of my kids pumpkins, earning The Mother of The Year Award, but that will be blog fodder for other time.

Cees and his friend spent their night working at McDonalds, so had to do with leftover candy from our own stash when they came home. The poor dears. Not getting out into the cold, but getting candy right at home!

When everyone finally was in bed, and I had dozed off, I got woken up by the kind of sound you do not want to hear next to you. The sound a kid makes just before she starts throwing up. I fought myself from the depths of my warm and cozy dream, to awaken into a puke-filled universe of Sylvia throwing up on the pillows, on the sheets, on the blanket, on ME, on the ceiling, and on herself. Nothing I love more than cleaning off and making the bed, and doing laundry at 2am at night!


Mongoose said...

That's one advantage of cats and dogs, their mouth points downward so they pretty much puke in one concentrated spot. It takes a human to puke like a lawn sprinkler. :)

Meepy said...

Whoa, it's possible to puke on the ceiling? Who knew